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What does the Taos Lifestyle mean to me?

by Mattress Mary Taos LifestyleTaos is impossible to describe. It must be felt.

It’s a land of beautiful contrasts. From the 12,000-ft. high Wheeler Peak to the 750-ft. deep Rio Grande Gorge, the pristine lush meadows to the huge expanses of fragrant sage.

It’s a place where 3 distinct cultures of people converge. Taos Pueblo natives have called Taos valley home for 1,000 years. Hispanics colonized the area nearly 600 years ago. The Anglos, who arrived a century ago, came to this remote New Mexico for endless reasons. As one of the latter, I was captivated by the unique and stunning beauty of the area, the generosity and spirit of the people, and the slower pace of life. It was the change I needed after spending my whole life in metropolitan California. It’s no wonder the area is referred to as the "Land of Mañana".

In Taos, people are more interested in who you are and what your story is, not what you do or what kind of car you drive. We embrace individuality in all its forms – any belief system, any fashion sense, and all creativity. Here in Taos you can be who you want to be.

This is what we strive to provide for our customers at Taos Lifestyle: a diversity of home furnishings from traditional to contemporary, soothing neutrals to brilliant colors, and wild to wonderful. It’s all part of what makes up the fabric of Taos.

~ Mattress Mary Domito

Thank you to Steve Bundy Photography for the beautiful images.

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